Iglesia Visión de Futuro


Who was Omar Cabrera?

A sower and a warrior, teacher and evangelist, pioneer of a new course of evangelism. Known as a men who had the authority for spiritual warfare to win entire cities. His preachings were characterizing for being a mixture of joy, enthusiasm, discipline, faith and victory, soul passion, vision, profecy and wisdom. (View “Omar Cabrera’s 40 years of ministry video”)

Since he was eight, Omar took conscience of what giving his life to Jesus meant. At the age of 12, he started to grow in a vivid faith, due to the healing of his brother Mario. When he was 13, he received the charismatic gift of speaking in other tongues.

In 1956, he graduated from the “Rio de la Plata’s Biblical Institute” and began preaching in different places of Buenos Aires, like Junin and Vedia. The purpose was to open new churches between poor people and peasants with no resources.

On December 8th, 1957, he was ordered to the ministry. With only 22 years old, Omar was the National Youth’s president and also the National Secretary of the Union of the Assemblies of God. At the same time, he dictated Homiletics, Hermeneutics and how to speak in public at the Rio de la Plata’s Biblical Institute and later at the Pentecostal Holiness Institute.

Marfa Koroluk was a blond young lady who had been taught about the faith in God since very little; she used to spend hours at serving The Lord, preaching in squares, train stations, and poor neighbourhoods. She was marked and anointed by God. On November 10th, 1960, Marfa and Omar got married and Pastor Paul Sorensen was chosen to anoint them with the blessings of The Highest in their marriage.

In 1961 the doors were opened for them to go and study in the United States. He graduated in the Holms Theological Seminary with Bachelor in Theology and Christian Education. Also, he graduated in the Emmanuel’s Theological Seminary and obtained the title of Bachelor in Arts and special diplomas as a Marriage Counsellor.

“Crusade of Faith” was born thanks to the prayers of the people in Concordia, Argentina. Reverend Omar led thousands of people to salvation, healing and spiritual freedom. These events took place in a portion of land donated by the Cabrera Family, which was their only possession. In that same place, the “Abundant Life church” was inaugurated on October 25th in 1969 therefore, they are always remembered as the founders and promoters of faith sowed in the heart of the people of Entre Ríos.

Omar Cabrera worked with Reverend Morris Cerullo at the beginning of the 70’s, but his wife Marfa, used to find him praying on his knees crying out for his beloved Argentina on the living-room carpet. One of those nights he heard a voice from the Cosmos that told him: “Visión de Futuro” (Vision of the Future)

They came back to Argentina to prove that God can manifest in the middle of incredulity and limitations. During that period, our country seemed to be one of the toughest places to preach the gospel. The first mission was the radio programs in L.T 15 where the mechanism of faith was already being taught. God used them greatly, filling stadiums, impacting Argentina in a glorious way, until they built what Vision of the Future is today.